Hits! Hit Count

The easy way to know how many people are viewing your GitHub projects!


Type your GitHub Username ( or org name):
Input the GitHub Project/Repository name:
Choose a style for your badge:

Your Badge Markdown:


Using the above markdown as a template,
Replace the {username} with your GitHub username
Replace the {repo} with the repo name.

Copy the markdown snippet and Paste it into your README.md file
to start tracking the view count on your GitHub project!

If you want to display the unique count, use the following markdown:


JSON Endpoint

shields.io provides a way for you to have other badge designs via shields.io/endpoint.

You can fully customise your badge by copying the following JSON URL:


And pasting it into the url field at: shields.io/endpoint to get your custom badge.

For example:

Will give you:

Recently Viewed Projects (tracked by Hits)

Updates will appear here when WebSockets are working ...